For berry bushes,
fruit trees

4 x 200 g

For berry bushes the dose depends on the size of the bush. For a smaller bush it can be around 150-200 g per plant, for larger ones around 250 g/m2. For fruit trees the dose also depends on their size.

Old, large apple and pear trees, whose crown projection on the ground occupies 2.5-3 m2, will need 400-600 g of camel, llama and alpaca manure per tree in spring. It can be stirred directly into top layer of the soil about 15-20 cm deep, if possible. It is usually more convenient to give this fertilizer by watering, first dissolving 200 g of granules in 10 l of water for 12 hours and then watering the roots of the tree with this solution. If the planned dose is 600 g, 30 l of water will be needed.

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Instructions for use

One 200 g package is stirred near the roots of the plant.

Thanks to watering or rain, it nourishes the roots of the plant.

The packaging biodegrades in about 60 days.

Place one 200 g package in a container with 10 liters of water.

After 12 hours the solution is ready to use.

One package for berry bushes and two packages for fruit tree 3 times per season.