For flowers
and vegetables 4x200 g

4 x 200 g

Fertilizer doses depend on the size of the plant and the length of the vegetation period. Therefore, before sowing or planting vegetables – onions, table beets, cabbage plants – in the basic fertilization 200-250 g/m2 of camel, llama and alpacas fertilizer will be enough, while carrots need less, around 100-120 g/m2.

In the greenhouse, it would be more rational to use this fertilizer 3-4 weeks before planting cucumbers or tomatoes at around 200 g/m2 and again 2-3 weeks after planting the seedlings. If the cultivation of these plants lasts more than 4 months from planting, another supplementary fertilization may be needed again 3-4 weeks after the second one, also around 200 g/m2. It should be remembered that these are slow-release fertilizers and with several gradual doses the plants will be provided with nutrients throughout the growth period.

Granules can be stirred directly into the soil, but can also be used in a dissolved form, it will be easier to achieve an even distribution of fertilizer throughout the treated area. For garden flowers and vegetables, a 200 g packet of fertilizer can be dissolved in a bucket (7-10 l) of water, left for 12 hours, and then watered with this liquid over an area of 2-3 m2. Repeat with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

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Instructions for use

Place one 200 g package in a container with 10 liters of water.

After 12 hours the solution is ready to use.

Water 3 m2 with an interval of 2-3 weeks.